Our clients value the housing options that Affordable Housing Houston (AHH) provides to many communities in and around the city. The following testimonials reflect the positive feedback from those living in AHH apartments.

“The program is wonderful! It gave me the opportunity to live in a beautiful community at a price that was feasible for me. Due to being a family living on one income, it really made a difference. Even my commute to work is less than 15 minutes, which is a huge plus.”
“I remember when I first toured, I was driving by, and I stopped because I liked the area and the property. When I heard about the program, I thought it was perfect timing. Especially since I had just changed jobs and my budget was affected. I am grateful because it helped me secure a nice apartment within my means. Not to mention the team here is just so great, it really made for a smooth process.”
Executive Assistant
“The program has been really beneficial for me, especially as a working student. It helped me balance things out and not have to work as many hours.”
University of Houston Student/Amazon Driver
“The program has been the best thing to happen to us since moving in. We were existing residents before MORGAN acquired the property, and at that time, I had just made the decision to return back to school. Being offered the option of the program helped us to remain in the home we love.”
HCC Student
“It’s an awesome program! I’m really close to everything, and I’ve been able to work on my savings for a new vehicle. So, it’s been great.”
Memorial Herman
“Rent, in general, is very high, and it can be a financial burden. The program is very helpful, as it allows people to move forward in their lives and work on other goals."
Hospice Physician Consultant
“When I first heard of the program, I thought it was something very much needed in today’s market. It’s been especially beneficial for me, as now I am saving hundreds a month and can take care of other things.”
Real Estate Consultant
“It’s great, especially considering rent in the city is so high. Being able to live close to everything and save almost $400 is unheard of.”
Apple Inc.
“It’s great! When I first heard of it, I was a little skeptical. I thought it was too good to be true. Surprisingly, the process was really smooth, and it allowed me to save money but not overpay for luxury living. I have already recommended it to a few of my friends.”
Roderick W.
Marketing Specialist
“I love it! The program was very helpful to me. After going through a divorce, this was my first time having to manage bills on my own. When I first toured and heard about the program, I thought it sounded good, and everyone here has been so nice. I love my apartment home.”
Dulce B.
Hospice Administrative Assistant
“The program helped me so much! I was originally in the Heights, paying a lot more for less space, and I was very unhappy with the community. I started looking for a new home, but I had a set budget, and I wasn’t finding anything that fit my needs. When I toured, I felt so welcomed, and I knew I needed to live here. Once I found out I was approved for the program, it was like a weight was lifted. I can’t wait to move in!”
Jamelle T.
Hotel Receptionist
“The program has been very beneficial to me. After returning from a tour overseas, the market was not so forgiving to a service member. When it comes to our benefits, we have a set stipend for living expenses. Being able to find affordable housing here shows that someone does appreciate our service.”
U.S. Army
“The program absolutely served its purpose. It allowed my children to be in a good school district that fits their needs, which was so important as a parent of a child with special needs.”
Kenora H.
Executive Support Analyst
“As someone who recently graduated and is a new educator, it was a bit difficult to find affordable housing. I now feel that I have stability, and I don’t have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck, especially on a teacher’s salary.”